Baby’s First Massage

I am a certified “Baby’s First Massage” instructor. I offer a private session which is designed for parents and caregivers and their medically stable newborn baby up through the first four weeks of life. Infants (babies over Four weeks) are also welcome.

In this session you will learn:

  • techniques of early infant communications
  • crying and what it might mean
  • comforting & coping
  • baby’s time out cues
  • the healing process of newborns
  • How to give a loving gentle massage.

" Newborn massage is a powerful, happy way to become acquainted. You can learn early communication while giving your baby gently but potent nerve and muscle stimulation. This assists with digestion, elimination, healing, growth, and deeper sleep. Newborns have special needs to consider during massage. This class introduces supportive, protective massage while you learn early infant communication and how to respond to it in a satisfying way."

Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey
Founder of ‘Baby’s First Massage’ Program

An instructional booklet is used during the session that you will take home. It outlines all that is discussed and a simple massage routine to do daily. A step by step DVD is also utilized and Is available for purchase at a reasonable price.

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“Babies who are massaged
gain more weight, they sleep
better, they are less
irritable, they are more responsive;
they have better interaction with
their parents and they show superior
mental and motor development"
-Tiffany Field, PHD, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami