Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal & Postpartum
Pregnancy Massage

Explore the benefits of prenatal and postpartum massage for both you and your baby. Nurturing yourself enhances your sense of well-being and in turn nurtures your baby. An added benefit of healthy and healing touch that you receive during a massage session can help you connect with your mothering instincts, especially for first time Moms. Soon after delivery you can now feel comfortable giving that same healthy and healing touch to your baby. Massage is safe and can be an essential part of a smooth pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period.

For your safety and comfort, your massage will be administered on The Body Cushion System TM, allowing you to lie face down for proper spinal alignment.

Prenatal Massage

  • Reduces stress:Massage on a regular schedule can help prepare you for the birthing process by alleviating both physical and emotional stress and tension. Recent studies have shown that women who suffer stress during pregnancy may transmit their anxiety to their unborn child.
  • Alleviates physical discomforts: During the childbirth year your body will go through dramatic changes. As you gain weight and as the weight of the womb puts pressure on your spine, you may experience backaches, neck and hip discomfort as well as a painful delivery. Regular massage can help remove tension, help balance your pelvic muscles and ligaments and allow you to have an easier deliver that is less traumatic for you and your baby.
  • Increases Circulation: An increase in blood and lymph circulation is one of the most important benefits of prenatal massage. It helps remove toxins, reduces edema (swelling of hands and feet), helps with varicose veins and leg cramps, it brings nutrition and oxygen to the cells of both you and your baby which is especially helpful if you don’t get enough exercise.
  • Promotes endorphins for you and your baby: Additionally, an increase in circulation can help decrease stress hormones and promote endorphins, the body’s internal pain regulator, sometimes called the “feel good hormones" These endorphins can penetrate the placenta thereby soothing you and your baby.
  • Improves Sleep: Most women find they sleep much better after a massage and are able to move with greater ease and comfort.

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Maya Abdominal Massage during pregnancy

During second and third trimesters it's appropriate to begin incorporating the Maya Abdominal Massage techniques to your prenatal massage. By the second trimester, the baby sits high in the uterus and presses on the organs, massage around the diaphragm helps the mother relax and breathe more freely. In addition, light massage around the hips and gentle lifting of the baby can reduce pressure on the bladder.

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Conditions when prenatal massage should not be performed

if you experience any of the following conditions, contact your obstetrician or midwife.
Fever or infectious disease, jaundice, severe hypertension or pre-eclampsia and its symptoms, vomiting, unusual pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vaginal bleeding, any malignant condition, decrease of fetal movement.

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Labor Support Massage

One of the goals of prenatal massage is to prepare the mother for labor and birthing her child - "to have a powerful birth experience and a wonderful transition into motherhood".

During the eighth or ninth month I offer a private training session to teach basic massage techniques to your partner who can then help you before ... during ... and after ... the birth. This can be beneficial to all three of you.

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Postpartum Massage

If no complications have occurred, postpartum massage can begin as soon as desired after birth. As a new mother, you will appreciate attention to both your emotional and physical concerns. This will help ease you from pregnancy to Motherhood and it’s a time to allow someone to “mother the new mother".

  • Eliminates Toxins: assists with the body’s natural recovery process by eliminating toxins like lactic acid from your muscles, if you have had an epidural, massage can speed the recovery from anesthesia.
  • Relieves Physical discomfort: facilitates realignment of your spine and pelvis and restores strength to your pelvic and abdominal muscles, reduces muscular aches and pains which were overworked during labor.
  • Helps with nursing discomforts: Helps reduce stress which can interfere with breastfeeding by reducing milk flow, helps with tender sore breasts.
  • Relieves Stress: Relieves the physical and emotional stresses of everyday demands of a newborn.
  • Relieves Postpartum Depression : Studies have shown that regular massage during this time period is very beneficial and can also guard against symptoms of postpartum depression.

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Massage After A Caesarian Birth

Although you may have a caesarian section, either planned or an emergency, there is no reason why you can’t have a postpartum massage. The incision site will be avoided until the scar has closed. After it has closed, massage techniques on the scar can help with the healing process.

Most caesarian section patients have an extended stay in the hospital. This is a perfect time to have a postpartum massage. I can accommodate you in your hospital room. Call to set up an appointment. Please get written permission from your doctor or midwife.

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Frequency of Prenatal Massage

Each woman and each pregnancy is different, so there is no standard number of sessions. If you are planning to use massage therapy as an integral part of your prenatal care, the following is a guideline.

In your 1st or 2nd trimester, a 60 minute massage every two weeks or once a month is a great way to stay relaxed, healthy, and comfortable. During the 3rd trimester, when low back and hip discomfort tend to kick in, you may find that coming in for 75 minute or 90 minute massages once a week or every two weeks may be necessary to stay comfortable.

Keep in mind that if you have a high-stress lifestyle or muscle issues not related to your pregnancy, you might choose to schedule longer sessions or come in more often. Some women choose to come in twice a week near their due date, knowing that the more comfortable, rested and relaxed they are going into labor, the easier the process will be.

Don’t forget your partner! I also specialize in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to ease the tension and anxiety of the new parent.

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Dr. Tiffany Field, of the Touch Research Institute, has conducted many studies on the effects of pregnancy massage. She has found that massage during pregnancy can decrease the amount of stress hormones (cortisol and nor-epinephrine) in the body and raise the level of (dopamine and serotonin), lessen anxiety, and improve sleep patterns. Women who received prenatal massage had fewer complications and premature births. In addition, women who received massage during labor experienced shorter labors, shorter hospital stays, and less postpartum depression.
- Tiffany Field, PhD, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami