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I am very grateful to have been lucky enough to find Karen over 10 years ago when I was looking for a massage therapist. I have been seeing her ever since, and she has helped me and my body through many physically and mentally stressful periods, including medical school, triathlons, and most recently, through my prenatal and postpartum periods as I had my first baby. She is wonderfully genuine, knowledgeable, and kind. She has a multitude of skills in different bodywork modalities, and an endless love for learning that seems to always keep her perfecting and expanding the great services she has to offer. She’s then able to bring all that knowledge and skill, and use her caring nature to tailor if precisely to your individual needs on any given day. Karen is a rare gem, simply the best!!

-- Roseann T

I started going to Karen for Maya Abdominal Massage a few years back. I had a pain in my lower abdomen and couldn’t find out what it was - after a few sessions with Karen the pain was gone. Over the years Karen has kept me on track with my health and encouraging me to improve my diet. She is also a compassionate and thoughtful listener with a holistic approach to massage. A session with Karen feels like you’ve been on a wonderful Caribbean holiday. Karen is the real deal and a great massage therapist. You leave her sessions walking on air.

-- Cara Seymour

I highly recommend Karen Weston. After my double mastectomy I knew my road to recovery and healing would be long and difficult. I was recommended to Karen and hesitated to go, as I had very little upper body mobility, no range of motion and was in pain. Karen immediately changed my journey from our very first session together. She had the gentlest touch, expert advice and more important, positive and encouraging words towards helping me through on my road to recovery. Karen made me feel whole again. We met for a series of massage sessions over several weeks and my mobility and overall well-being changed quite quickly.

Karen provided me with calming, soothing expert massages and I left each session with strength and encouragement. I walked away from my sessions with Karen without lymphedema issues and feeling wonderful. Karen was an essential part of my healing, range of motion and most important, helping I feel whole again. I highly recommend her? She is an angel!

-- Ellen C.

I found Karen about 8 years ago at a time when my rather senior body was in great need. She has kept me and my body active and happy ever since.

-- Evelyn Simon

"Karen was truly a ray of sunshine for me throughout my pregnancy. She knew exactly how to relieve all those aches and pains that one gets when you are carrying that little bundle of joy. And the days that I sought treatment were truly the only days that I could get a full nights sleep as my body felt like brand new after her treatments. I could not have gotten through all 10 months without Karen ! "

-- Tami Esson

"Karen has the most wonderful gift for relaxing and therapeutic massage. The combination of her amazing skill and personal warmth is powerful, and has worked magic on my worst aches, pains, and muscle knots. She is the most gifted massage therapist I have ever encountered."

-- Amy Law

"Hi Mary, I got my massage from Karen Weston yesterday. Thank you for the gift certificate. The massage was a good one, the biggest proof being how rested I felt this morning and relieved of various aches and pains that have been with me every morning for months! "

-- Nina C.

"I am a 90 year old tenant at Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan, New York. Karen Weston has been coming to my home every week since November 2005. I am extremely thankful for her expertise. She knows all my different painful areas and problems: spinal stenosis, low back osteoarthritis, poor blood circulation in legs, two hip replacements, and she is able to find the spots in my muscles that hurt the most. With Karen’s help along with my caregiver, I have been able to remain independent and happy in my home."

(This lovely lady passed away in her home at the age of 99)

-- Gratefully, Mrs. W.R. Larsen.

"I have been a client of Karen's since 2005. I have booked regular massage with her throughout two pregnancies, for postpartum massage, and for chronic shoulder/neck pain. After every massage I leave feeling deeply relaxed, unknotted, and rejuvenated.

An experienced massage therapist, Karen brings a holistic, open-minded approach to her massage technique, even as she continues to pursue learning in various aspects of massage and the healing arts. She uses Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point massage. Her massage practice is based in her home; the experience is professional and Karen is personable and easy-going. She uses a foam cushion system that allows a pregnant woman to lie face down while being massaged - what a bliss! I unreservedly recommend receiving a series of regular massage treatments by Karen during pregnancy. "

-- Dana Cowllishaw

"I am a retired New York City school teacher and began treating myself to massage with Karen after I retired in 2001. I try to have a session at least twice a month when I am in town. When my session is finished I tell Karen that my muscles say thank you. The tenseness that was present is relieved by her massage. I highly recommend her work."

-- Jean F

"I first received a gift certificate for a massage with Karen Weston. I was so pleased that I now have a regular appointment. I'm seventy-six years old with a lot of arthritis and other medical problems. I find the massages quite helpful and rejuvenating. I really look forward to our sessions"

(Marian is now 87 years old and Karen visits her every other week at her home)

-- Marian B.